by Paul Petersen

I don’t know whether you have heard that great news yet or maybe you’ve missed it, but some people have already begun to run their cars on the cheapest resource that is currently at our disposal and it’s water. Yes it is actually happening and what great timing when the world is be brought to it’s feet with ever increasing fuel prices.

In fact, basic water fuel technology does work and have been around since World War II, when it was used in tanks and fighter plane engines. These simple water injection systems helped to increase gas mileage and cool engine temperatures under harsh conditions.

The first time that hydrogen fuel cars appeared on the market was back in the 1960’s, but it didn’t really develop into anything until just a couple of years ago. The necessary fuel was extremely expensive and difficult to get hold of, which is was why the majority of car manufacturers just avoided it’s development. The two big German car manufacturers have though produced the BMW H7 and the Audi A2H2

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