There are growing concerns throughout the world, because of the increase in green house gases due to the usage of petroleum based products. The entire world is facing a huge energy crisis.

So it is for a good reason that hybrid vehicles especially those using the water for gas or HHO auto gas technology.

It is now possible to drive your car by pouring water into your gas engine. Well there is a little more to it than that.  HHO or Brown gas is the way it is done.  Now this does not mean that your car will run entirely on water but rather a fixed quantity of water needs to be mixed along with gasoline, so as to produce a “clean hybrid” which will power your car.

Water is known in the chemical world as H2O. So water has a two to one ratio, for each molecule of water there are two of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

Now when water is poured into the engine, the electricity from the car battery is used to split the water molecule into two molecules of Hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. This splitting is accompanied with the production of a gas known as Brown gas or HHO. The chemical name for this reaction is Hydroxyl.

There have been many tests carried out and they confirm that a car using the water for gas or brown gas will give better mileage and because the emission is water based, it will be less harmful on the environment. An added benefit is that only a small amount of water is required.

Why not take a look at the manuals available for the do-it-yourself kits for converting your car to Brown gas or HHO auto fuel.