Put An HHO Kit On Your Car For Better Mileage And Cleaner Air!

With HHO we not only help the earth by cutting down on fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gasses, we also help our pocketbook by getting better gas mileage. HHO Technology gives you better gas mileage (in some cases up to 50% or more), and kits can be installed very easily.


HHO is an acronym that stands for Hydrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and is made from water using an electrolytic process that separates the atoms of water into their basic molecules. Water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. You’re probably familiar with referring to water as H2O. That’s because the H2O is the two atoms of Hydrogen, and the O is the one atom of oxygen!
With the rise of gas prices to over $5 a gallon in some parts of the U.S. in the recent past, along with pollution, the interest in this 100 year old technology has been rising tremendously. Yes, HHO technology has been around since early in the last century!

Why Hasn’t
It Been Used Then?

One has to wonder why automakers haven’t incorporated this system into the cars they produce since it is indeed possible. I chalk it up to the same thing that’s been happening since the 1960’s when you would hear stories of 100mpg carburetors. Such things did exist by the way.. an uncle of a good friend of mine once worked for Ford and saw it first hand.

A good example is that of writer/mechanic/inventor named Smokey Yunick who wrote for Popular Science Magazine. Smokey was a writer, but he was also an inventor and he created a system for a V8 engine that got over 30mpg, and he wrote about it in the magazine. His invention wasn’t HHO, but he did work on alternative fuel technology for many years as well. I was a follower of his column, “Say, Smokey” and looked forward to reading about his design and construction process every month when the magazine came out.

As you might imagine he was pretty excited when he developed a high efficiency V8, and even more so when GM bought the patent, thinking it would be going into production. Only it didn’t go into production, and he was devastated and angry when they shelved it.. just like they had every other patent than they had purchased to make cars get better mileage. You think that there might exist some kind of conspiracy within the major players in the oil industry to keep these systems from the public? I believe without a doubt there is. I can’t see any other explanation. They want to sell more gas, period. And they’ve been trying to do the same thing to the HHO technology by spreading disinformation all over the internet that they’ve done in the past to other technologies!

But oil companies have been making record profits and a lot of people have had enough. The science is in place for HHO fuel, and it’s being put into cars and it works. Reuter’s reported on a HHO powered auto unveiled in June 2008 by a Japanese company called Genepax, a car totally powered by H2O but unfortunately that video is no longer on Youtube, but the one above is. It’s from a pioneer for water fueled cars, Stanley Meyer, who by the way many believe was murdered to silence him.

The good news is though.. no.. the GREAT news is.. that you can put an HHO system on your car very easily, or have someone do it for you for very little cost. So browse around the site, watch the other videos on the videos page, and check out the articles.