Testimonials From Real People

Art Green from Norfolk, Virginia, was featured on TV News Channel WVEC

With Water4Gas installed in his then new Chevrolet Avalanche, Art Green from Norfolk, Virginia has more than DOUBLED THE MILEAGE of his 2008 Chevy Avalanche from 20 to 40 MPG on the highway – and in town he NEARLY TRIPLED from 8 to 20 MPG! (250%)

Robert Rosen from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, was featured on Local 10 News

Experts estimate that as much as 15%-20% of the gas in your vehicle ends up pollution, carbon deposits (unburned fuel), or heat, vibration and noise. With an HHO kit electricity from your battery extracts hydrogen and oxygen from water which acts as a catalyst for better combustion of gas, resulting in lower emissions, greatly improved mileage and more power for your vehicle.

Ben Overbeck from Mckinleyville, California, USA, was featured on KIEM-TV News Channel 3

Ben describes the electrolytic process of HHO works and with two HHO jars his mileage on a 2009 Subaru Forester went from 20-26mpg to 32-35mpg.

Jerry Young from Sparks, Nevada, USA

Several separate and unrelated 18-wheelers achieved a over 20% better mileage consistently and with nothing but simple Water4Gas that they have built with their own hands is definitely “OUTLANDISH” – much better than Ozzie has anticipated in his wildest dreams for this type of vehicle using nothing but Water4Gas!!! Mr. Young also reported a reduction of 10 degrees in engine temperature, MUCH cleaner exhaust stacks, cleaner engine oil and the million-mile engine not only “feels like new” but also pulls 30% faster uphill with full load.