Can I really run my car on brown gas?

We are a complacent lot most of the time.  It’s not until something like the rising gas prices that is happening right now, that we get off our butts and begin to do something.

Gas prices have been on the increase for some time, it has been a little here and there but now it is a lot and right in our faces and our pockets.  When it get us in our hip pockets, then we do the getting up and really look for an alternative.

The electric car has been one of the alternatives that has been brought up in the past but it is not very practical for our driving needs today and can also work out expensive.

Enter the water car, that is using brown gas.  This technology has been around for a long time.  There have been people working to make it a viable option to help us use less gas in our cars, lowering our running costs, not expensive to install, can be fitted to most vehicles that use gas  and get better miles per gallon.  Brown gas also fits into the environmentally friendly area of running a car.

So you can see it has a lot going for it

When you hear the words, water car, you probably think of the car skimming across the water or a car that you fill up with water from your tap before you leave home.

No, the car that runs totally on water to power it, is still in the experimental stage and there has not been any practical solutions.  Whatever has come out of these experiments, has been too expensive to be put into our current vehicles.

Now there is an alternative, not for the full water car but for a car powered by water and gas, a hybrid car but not the electric/gas hybrid.  This is a hybrid car where water is used with the conventional gas or petroleum based products to power the vehicle, so when this happens the vehicle is called a hybrid.  It has been proved that the technology used to power a vehicle in this way reduces the harmful emissions while it reduces the amount of dollars you spend on gas.  The best part is, this technology can be implemented in your vehicle today without any major modifying.

By using this technology in your vehicle you will not only be saving on your gas bills but you will be helping to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and so making it a better world for your family and the community.

Now a little about what the tests have returned from vehicles that are using this hybrid fuels.  The savings in miles per gallon or MPG have been:-

A  250 V8  saved 50%

A  Toyota  70% +

A Ford truck  up to 60%

Some vehicle engines will need to undergo minor adjustments to make use of the brown gas while with others there have not been any required.   Apart from the obvious reduction in running costs by using hybrid fuels, the decrease in harmful emissions makes this brown gas powered technology a no brainer..

What happens when you burn fuel inside the combustion engine, the results move the crank shaft and so your car moves.  The quality of this combustion cycle is improved by using water along with diesel or petrol.  The benefits include a better powered engine and a better performing engine.  As water acts as a solvent, the carbon particles deposited inside the engine are removed so the quality of the combustion cycle is further improved.  The water also has a cooling effect and the results of this is the temperature inside the engine is lessened.

A fully operational car running on water alone seems to be a long way off, a water hybrid vehicle is most definitely a reality and not only saves our hip pockets in the dollar department, it also ensures a cleaner environment for us and our community.