Quickly Construct a Hydrogen Generator Synthesize HHO Gas

by Matthew Loop

With the increasing interest in alternative fuels today, many people are looking at making their own. A few years ago I did some research online about building my own hydrogen generator, and I was absolutely shocked by what I discovered.

I learned that this technology has been a secret swept under the rug for countless years. I learned how average individuals across the globe have made their own hydrogen generators, turning their cars / trucks into water burning hybrids. This was enabling them to save thousands on their gas bills each year.

Man, I tell you, I was livid because I felt that I had been lied to for all of my life! The only reason this technology was kept a secret was for the simple fact of greed. Big oil and the auto industry were making far too much money to let the cat out of the bag.

Thanks to the increasing use of the inherent, more and more people are realizing that they have been hoodwinked into spending money on something they don’t really need. A social, political, and economic revolution is at hand.

This year I constructed my very own hydrogen cell generator which was surprisingly easy and inexpensive. I bought a manual and conversion kit and then spent around $99 for the materials. If you don’t feel that you’re technologically comfortable putting it together, you can get a friend or your favorite mechanic to help you out.

A small amount of electricity is borrowed from your car’s battery, and it sends a current to the electrodes that are submersed in water, generating on-demand HHO gas. It is a simple, safe, and instant process.

HHO is the result of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule bonding. When this happens they produce three times as much energy as the same amount of gasoline. When you mix the two together, you will find yourself with clean burning fuel, an incredibly fuel efficient car, and an increase in your engine performance.

I guarantee that once you educate yourself on this technology you will be as excited about it as I am. You will have the keys to improving your environmental impact, you’ll spend far less money, and you’ll have freedom from the choke hold that oil companies have on our economy.

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