In following the hho gas world, I get alot of emails from people at various stages of realization that Water4Gas
technology works. Today, I got a note from Les Pollyea of State Street
Motors in Hastings, MI. He’s been in the automotive repair business for
30 years. When I spoke to him today on the phone, the first words of
his mouth was, “I was a skeptic. And before we started this thing, we looked at it for 2 months trying to figure out if it was a scam or not a scam. So, finally we did it.
And I’m telling you what, we were amazed!” Mr. Pollyea went on to
explain that his whole approach to studying this was as a skeptic. He
wants to prove it doesnt work. But so far his test results show it does. They are going to install it on 2 more vehicles now.

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