Installing HHO Generators, Follow The Instructions Very Carefully

If you wish to install an HHO generator your knowledge of the automobile need not be extensive.  Mind you having some experience of cars is a definite advantage but not essential.  The name HHO generator does just what the it says, generates HHO which is also known as Brown Gas and by mixing this Brown Gas with petrol gives a powerful mixture that will drive an engine and in turn your car.

Having said that your knowledge of the car need not be extensive, you do need to follow the instructions for installing the HHO generator very carefully, keep your wits about you and don’t try any shortcuts.  You are dealing with something which is highly volatile and if you are not confident then make sure you seek advice and help from maybe your local mechanic.  When you purchase your kit, make sure the instructions are easy to follow and set it out in step by step format.

Always test your HHO generator before installing it.  You need to make sure it works before the installation to save having to repeat the process.  For the installation here are a few things to remember and take note of.

The HHO gas is released into the air intake sensors, there could be a flashback around this area.  There could be an explosion when the wires around the intake sensors are hot.  To stop this happening, make sure that the installation of the HHO generator is done when the car has not been used for a few hours.  The unit needs to be placed between the sensor and the throttle body as heat is almost absent in this area.  You need to take special care with these steps so if you are unsure do seek advice and/or help from someone who knows more about this area.  There is a wise old saying, “when in doubt, don’t”, so if you are doubtful about anything at all, ask someone who knows.

You may find it better to use a fuse to prevent any short circuit in or near the unit.  There are different wiring instructions that need to be followed because the designs of engine models vary.  Distinctive HHO quantity is required by different engines as they have different power requirements.  Using a flashback arrestor mechanism on your generator would be a better idea.  By doing this it would significantly reduce the chance of any explosion or flashback.

To prevent any leakage or accumulation of HHO inside the car hood, make sure before installation that the HHO generator is not running while the vehicle is shut off.

Always follow simple safety precautions whenever working around engines and gas.  Follow the steps for installing the HHO generator and always seek help from the experts if you are unsure and you will soon have your own hybrid car, be helping make the world a cleaner place and saving dollar on gas with a better performing vehicle.