The trend to look for for alternative energy sources, being green and climbing fuel costs has contributed alot of attention to water for gas systems.  With gas prices moving towards five dollars per gallon and with no relief soon, a renewed concern in this 90 year old system has arose on the internet.

The nearly doubling of gasoline prices over the last year and a half has without question touched off this new interest in using the water system for gas technology.  One question that needs asking is, “why has it taken so long to look into this system?”.  If it indeed functions, we might assume that there might exist some sort of coverup within the major producers in the oil industry to keep this system from the population.

Quite frankly, I think that the popularity of the water for gas technology is stimulated by fuel costs attaining its tipping point.  The price has just passed a price peak where the masses are no longer able to sit idlely by, without looking for options.  It’s interesting to notice that it arrives at a time when oil companies are realizing huge net profits.

It actually does not matter how and why it got popular, but that the system is placed into action.  There are many disagreeing beliefs floating around as to whether water for gas technology is legitamet.  Could an individual with no training in the field, study some old patents and plans and come up with a simple system that anyone could build for under $200 dollars.  Here we might want to weigh that Microsoft was started by Bill Gates in his parents garage…and that he was a college dropout.

Recently Reuter’s reported on a HHO powered car unveiled in June 2008 by a Japanese company called Genepax, a car completely powered by water.  Finding it difficult to believe, you’re not the only one, but remember the chairman of IBM also made an alleged statement “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers,” back in 1943.

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Is it very absurd to think that an individual might have produced a hho generation system in their garage that in it’s simplistic form, adds to the gas mileage of your automobile.  And someone else has acquired that project and bettered upon it resulting in another improved system for water for gas.

With the internet representing such a vast source of information and also mis-information, we should not be surprised to discover so many water for gas informational products showing up in light of the current fuel situation.

A very prominent majority of these HHO generation blueprints are being sold on Clickbank, one of the internet’s main electronic book warehouses.  If indeed that this water for gas technology was a fraud, I would wager it would be safe to presume that these electronic manuals would be removed from their offerings.

In any case, there appears to be no conclusion in sight to the current climbing fuel costs, so it would be prudent for anyone who is concerned about it to find out more about this technology and how it works.  No question that we will continue to discover more innovation within the water for gas technology area as early users carry on to fine-tune the system.