Just one of the benefits that comes with using the HHO auto gas technology to run your car is what happens with your exhaust system.  Yes! it becomes cleaner when you use HHO auto gas.  This is how it works.

A Cleaner Exhaust System

As water is natural and a renewable resource, emissions from a vehicle’s exhaust using brown gas are not a hazard to the environment like those from a car using gas. This is how the system works, there is a little electricity used from the car’s battery to separate the water into what is called HHO, this is also known as Hydroxy or two hydrogen and one oxygen and burns very well, so gives plenty of energy. Now the hydrogen is combined with the fuel to power the vehicle’s engine and the oxygen is released as exhaust. So you get a cleaner exhaust, cleaner for the atmosphere and we are all wanting that.

This ticks another box for the environment,

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