I just read a post on a forum about Toyota in Japan it seems like they are planning to have on the market this year a full hydro water auto.

Using HHO or Brown Gas To Run Your Car Has Many Benefits.

As the gas prices have risen and there is nothing on the horizon to say they will drop back any time soon, people have been looking at ways to use less gas. One way that is becoming very popular is to convert a car to use the technology that has been available for quite some time, and that is to use HHO or brown gas. You will see the many advantages to using this method, listed below are our top benefits.

  1. A Better Exhaust System
  2. Improve The Life Of Your Engine
  3. Lower Engine Temperature, Less Noise.
  4. More Miles To The Gallon.
  5. What Are The Water Need.

So you can see using HHO or brown gas is a win-win situation all round.

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